Saturday, October 27, 2018

Awards for Distinction in ICIS Annual Cancer Imaging Conference- France/2018

The INTERNATIONAL CANCER IMAGING SOCIETY (ICIS) conducted its 18th Annual Teaching Course in Palais de L'Europe, Menton France on Oct 7-9th of this year.  Since its first ICIS Conference (2000) in London, UK, the educational summits have continued to receive global recognition for advanced education in the community of multidisciplinary cancer professionals. The society runs an annual teaching course as well as hands-on computer workshops on prostate, pancreatic, hepatobiliary, gynecological, thoracic cancers and oncological MRI.  Cancer Imaging is the official journal of the ICIS and is published by BMC and is a journal publishing original articles, reviews and editorials written by expert international radiologists encompassing CT, MRI, PET, ultrasound, radionuclide and multimodal imaging in all kinds of malignant tumors plus new developments, techniques and innovations.

The event also recognizes leaderships in various categories of discipline and welcomes speakers and poster presentations at the annual event.   Among the honorees, President Prof. Wim Oyen and Prof. Evis Sala, head of the Scientific Committee congratulates Dr. Robert Bard for his distinction in his multi-poster presentation on the 3D Doppler Mapping of cutaneous and subcutaneous lymphoma.

Other winners of this worldwide conference include:
- Jennifer Golia Pernicka for her abstract entitled 'CT radiomic features predict microsatellite instability in colorectal cancer'
- Kate Potter for 'MRI findings following Papillon contact X-ray brachytherapy for rectal cancer'.
- Christina Pfannenberg for 'Generating evidence for clinical benefit of PET/CT: Results of the first oncologic PET/CT registry in Germany'

This global medical event continues its annual tradition with next year's event to take place in Gran Guardia, Verona Italy on October 7th-9th, 2019. For more information, visit the ICIS website or click this event link.


Additional contributors: Dr. K. Lessnau (NYC) and Dr. D. Buonsenso, (Rome) April 1, 2020- Dr. Robert L. Bard, recognized cancer imagi...