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Searching for cancer tumors and identifying their precise behavior is a unique specialty talent honed by a select few from decades of experience and the right technology.  World-recognized "tumor detective" Dr. Robert Bard is one of those specialized few- and the 3D/4D Doppler Ultrasound is his "weapon of choice" for capturing the earliest stage cancer from any depth below the skin.

For over 30 years, Dr. Robert Bard has stood front and center in the race for advanced digital imaging advancement. Where MRI's, CT Scans and X-rays fall short in expectation and response, Dr. Bard's vision of the diagnostic future is one that's driven by the ultimate in "Trekian" Ultrasound technology (see TriCorder).

Recognized throughout the medical imaging development industry, Dr. Bard is one of the first to receive 'that' phone call from manufacturers when a "top-of-the-line" or "state-of-the-art" equipment is about to be launched to the test market.  His name is trusted by engineers & designers worldwide for his priceless experience-based feedback as far as what the imaging community needs and what features these devices are supposed to bring to the table.

As the digital age of sub-dermal imaging technology continues to EVOLVE at a lightning fast pace, so does the demand for new capabilities that allows the diagnostician to "DO more and GET more out of the equipment".  Where Dr. Bard's practice touts a non-invasive lung, prostate or breast cancer scan to deliver accurate screenings in record real-time (minutes), this has now become the next target STANDARD for health centers nationwide.  It is this standard that is driving the revolution in the medical imaging market, where most European countries using ultrasound equipment as the primary standard for most musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular and transthoracic scans.

"it's not just about the device -- a lot of it has to do with WHO's reading it!", states Dr. Bard. "I've pushed last year's equipment to scan deeper and read more irregularities from tighter areas that their engineers did not design them to do- but in the end, identifying anomalies and cancer tumors correctly is always the name of the game."

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